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Manuel Antonio, a humid tropical forest, is a 1700 acre land mass that is a biological oasis containing some of the most beautiful scenery in all of Costa Rica. Right on the ocean, it is surrounded by a 135,000 acre marine reserve. 

Manuel Antonio , one  of Costa Rica’s National Parks, is the number one tourist destination in Costa Rica.   It is home to many species of flora and fauna that are in danger of extinction, including the “mono titi” squirrel monkey found only in the MA area. Experienced nature guides are available to help you maximize your exploration and enjoyment of Manuel Antonio National Park. Two fabulous beaches are located in the park, Playa Escondida and Playa Espadilla Sur.  There is a tremendous variety of butterflies, birds and animals in the area. Including the world  famous Blue Morpho butterfly and hundreds more. 

More  different birds are seen in Costa Rica than most anywhere in the world due to its location between North and South America  including Toucans, Mot-mots, Queztals, Macaws, Parrots, Pelicans  and so many more, the Birds of Costa Rica book is several hundred pages. Animals found in the area include the Squirrel, White Face and Howler monkeys, two and three toed sloths ,agoutis, coatamundis,iguanas, frogs galore and much more.

 The rainy season is from April to November with August, September and October normally receiving the most rain. The dry season is from November to April. Rainfall averages 151 inches annually. The average high temperature is 27C which is 81 F.

 People from all over the world visit Costa Rica to experience its unique lifestyles.

Just recently Manuel Antonio was rated one of FORBES "Most Beautiful National Parks".  




Accommodation Features
Property type: Luxury Villas, Villas
Size of property: 3 acres
Size of house: 9,000 ft2
Number of bedrooms: 4
Number of bathrooms: 6
Maximum number of adults: 10

Bedroom Bed type Ensuite Bathroom
Master Bedroom 1 King bed Yes
2nd bedroom 1 Queen bed Yes
3rd bedroom 1 Queen bed Yes
4th bedroom 2 Double bed Yes

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